Nov 30

When Dad did the Washing

When Dad did the Washing

by Ronda and David Armitage

Picture 2
Children’s Fiction / Picture Book
Ages 2-5
First Published in 1990
Publisher: Puffin Books

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Book synopsis:

Three kids can’t find any clean clothes to wear. Mum’s gone to work, so it’s up to Dad to do the washing. Dad piles all their dirty clothes into the washing machine. But something goes wrong…. What will Mum say when she returns?

bunnyWhy I like this book:

When Dad did the Washing must have been written by Ronda and David Armitage after a washing incident of their own.

Valuable, albeit domestic, life lessons can be learnt in this book:

  • If you don’t want pink clothes, don’t wash red jump suits with white skirts
  • Some mistakes are blessings in disguise, it just depends on how you decide to take it.

When Dad Did The Washing is a nice book about an incident that is bound to happen at least once in your life, so kids might as well learn about it now.

x Julie

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