Nov 30

Don’t Forget the Bacon!

Don’t Forget the Bacon!

By Pat Hutchins

Children’s Fiction, Picture Book
Ages 3-6
First Published in 1976
Publisher: Puffin Books

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Children’s Book Synopsis:

A little boy is sent on his way to buy the groceries. His mother tells him what he needs to buy and especially says, “Don’t forget the bacon.”

The boy remembers his list by saying it to himself over and over again. But on his travels he is distracted by the sights and sounds on the street.

Will he remember the bacon?

bunnyMy Book Review:

I loved this book as a child, it’s very funny. The little boy chants his little shopping list as he is sent down the street to the shops by his mum. But as he goes along, what he sees replaces the food on the shopping list. Like ‘six farm eggs’ become ‘six fat legs’. It’s very funny for child as they witness the disastrous consequences. Will he remember or forget the bacon?

x Julie

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