Dec 01

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

by Maurice Sendack


Picture 1Children’s Fiction / Children’s Picture Book
Ages 3-6
First Published in 1963
Publisher:Harper and Row

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Book Synopsis:

Where The Wild Things Are is about a little boy called Max dressed up in his monster suit who gets sent to bed without any supper for making mischief. He defiantly created a forest in his bedroom, travels by boat and ends up where the wild things are. The wild things are monsters who gnash their teeth, but Max stands up to them and therefore becomes their king. But he misses home, and his mum, so he gives up being king of the wild things and makes the long journey back home.

bunnyWhy I love this book:

Where The Wild Things Are is a classic children’s book about an imaginative boy who conquers and makes friends with monsters. If you have or know a child who is scared of monsters in the cupboard or under the bed, this book may help them see monsters in a different way and empower them to face their fears.

Where The Wild Things are has recently been made into a motion picture by Spike Jonze, in which a friend of mine played a Wild Thing!

x Julie

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  1. Naazli says:

    I agree Julie!! It’s a beautiful book with fabulous illustrations. It’s essential for any library whether you’re a child or an adult!! The book’s message is important – It’s always good to know that no matter how ‘bad’ you are, your parents will always love you and in your family, you have a safe, loving environment to return to.