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The Blood of Flowers

The Blood of Flowers

by Anita Amirrezvani


Picture 1Fiction
First Published in 2007
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Set in: 17th Century Persia

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Book Synopsis:

In 17th Century Persia, a father dies suddenly, leaving a fourteen year old girl and her mother to fend for themselves. With no male protector and no dowry with which to marry, they have to make the long journey to Isfahan, to live with the girl’s uncle, a rug designer to the King.

The girls imagination and interest is aroused by the carpets and she hungrily learns the craft, becoming a talented rug maker. But as time goes by, her chances to marry diminish and she is given no choice but to marry a rich man in secret. Will she stay in this unhappy marriage, or does she have the strength and courage to weave a new life for herself?

Picture 2Why I like this book:

I really enjoyed reading The Blood of Flowers, which brought me deep into 17th Century Persia, and into the difficult lives of two women struggling to make their way with no real male protector. Through the eyes and experience of the ambitious young female protagonist, we learn about the world of Persian carpet making, which involves great care, skill and practice from the design and knotting, right down to the choice of colours.

We learn much about the place of a woman in this society. I found the particular arrangement of her marriage shocking, but I have come to find out that in Islamic tradition, the kind of marriage you will read about in The Blood of Flowers is both accepted and lawful. (I have been purposefully vague in my description of the marriage, as I myself don’t appreciate knowing too much about a story before I actually get to read it)

The book, The Blood of Flowers, is a fascinating look into the life of a young Persian girl becoming a woman in an Islamic world in the 17th century.

x Julie

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