Dec 06

Detective’s Handbook and Spy’s Guide

Detective’s Handbook


Spy’s Guide

Illustrated by Colin King

Picture 1Picture 2Children’s Non-Fiction Book
Ages 8-11
First Published in 1978
Publisher: Usborne

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Detective’s Handbook Synopsis:

Being a detective is challenging and extremely thrilling. You must be well trained, alert and patient to be a good detective. He must be able to create a whole story from the tiniest clue at a crime scene. He must be on the lookout for criminals and be prepared to chase down a baddie if necessary.

The Detective’s Handbook teaches you special detective skills, such as dusting for fingerprints, identifying handwriting, questioning witnesses and finding clues.

Full of advice, tips and hints, this handbook for young detectives will prepare you for when your skills are put to the test!

Spy’s Guide Synopsis:

Have you ever wanted to be a top-secret spy? Have you ever wanted to learn now to decode secret messages, disguise yourself and stalk the enemy? This book will show you how to train yourself to be a good spy!

The Spy’s Guide is full of ways to hide messages for allies, tips and tricks to cover up secret meetings, and how to create disguises and play the part successfully. Learn how to fool the enemy and uncover their secrets!

bunnyMy Detective’s Handbook and Spy’s Guide Book Review:

I was a little detective as a child and these Usborne books fed my imagination heartily (In a healthy, safe way).

These Spy and Detective Guides are packed with colourful pictures, activities and mysteries to solve. They cover so much, from how crooks work, to tracking, stalking and shadowing, to looking for fingerprints.

My primary school friends and I would play detectives and use secret signals and signs to alert each other about imaginary crimes. We had secret message drop offs that we would pass by before and after recess. We also used to send signals to each other through colour-coded home-made rings. It was fun!

The Usborne Detectives Guide would be a great gift for a boy or a girl aged about 8-11. So if you have a curious niece or nephew, these book would be perfect for them.

x Julie

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  1. chloeHoong says:

    I love these books when would there be more?

  2. ben says:

    i liked te book