Dec 06

Simply Divine

Simply Divine

by Wendy Holden

On the grand scheme of good books: (2/5)

On a fun light-reading  level: (3.5/5)

Picture 1 Fiction / Light Reading
First Published in 1999
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Set in: London, present day

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Book Synopsis:

Jane is an ordinary journalist. She has love-life stress, stress from work and she just can’t seem to shed those extra pounds. Then, the gorgeous celebrity-for-celebrity’s-sake social butterfly Champagne D’Vyne is thrown into her life. Champagne is as different from Jane as could be. As their worlds become strangely entangled, Jane discovers that this busty blond goddess will do everything to get what she wants. She lets nothing get in her way. Including Jane.

bunnyMy Book Review:

I think this is a book you will either love or hate. It’s very very fluffy, and centers on a most foul and fabulous celebrity-for-celebrity’s sake character Champagne D’Vyne . She is truly horrid, and frustratingly beautiful. She is a piss take on all the ridiculous celebrities like Posh Spice, Paris Hilton and Jordan – multipiled by about 5000.

However, there are also characters you empathise with, Jane – the Bridget Jones-esq, muddled protagonist who does her best to keep her life ordered amidst the whirl-wind of Champagne. And the young dowdy aristocrat Tally who is doing her best to save her crumbling family estate.

So, if you hate the glorified over-privileged (untalented) celebrity, and want a bit of fluffy weekend reading, and to have a bit of a laugh, this chick lit is for you. I have to say, it didn’t enhance my life in the slightest, but it did give me a giggle.

This is definitely a chick’s book, but surprisingly, my friend who lent Simply Divine to me said that her brother found it in the bathroom, started reading it, and got hooked, thoroughly enjoying it!

x Julie

Light Reading Chicklit Book Review

- Reading Like Rabbits-

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