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Mar 10

Blood On The Moon

Blood On The Moon

The Daywalker Chronicles: Volume One

by S.M. De Silva

Fiction / Vampires
Launch Date: 31 May 2010
Publisher: Firebird Press

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Book Synopsis:

Sleet City: decadent and alluring, but infinitely dangerous. A city where crime, cruelty and glamor reign supreme. Vampires and were-creatures have come out of the closet and now mix openly in human society. Vampires are the new breed of celebrities, the glamor gods of Sleet City.
Alegria, a Singaporean supernatural species consultant, receives a package. A package that contains a ring. A ring attached to a severed finger. A severed finger belonging to Alegria’s sister.

And from here the relentless action begins. Alegria is on a mission to save her sister from Sleet City.