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Switched By Amanda Hocking Part 1 of the Trylle Trilogy


By Amanda Hocking

Part 1 of the Trylle Trilogy


Switched By Amanda Hocking

Fiction / Teen fiction / Fantasy / Light Reading
First Published in ebook form in 2010
Hard copy release date for Singapore: January 2012
St Martin’s Press New York

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Book Synopsis:

Wendy Everly knew that there was something different about herself when her mother had tried to kill her on her sixth birthday. She accused her of being a monster that had been switched at birth with her real baby.

Wendy doesn’t feel like a monster, but she can’t help but feel that she doesn’t quite fit in. She is bored and frustrated with life in her small town, and to top it off, she’s the new girl in school. There is also a secret that she has discovered about herself that she can’t tell anyone…. Wendy has the mysterious ability to influence people’s decisions just by willing it to happen.

The one night, Wendy’s world is turned upside down and inside out when she finds Finn, the strange and intense boy from school, who also happens to be darkly handsome, right outside her bedroom window. All Wendy’s questions may finally be answered…

Book Review:

I quite enjoyed reading this book by first time author Amanda Hocking. Hocking is 26 from Minnesota, and has apparently become a self-published ebook phenomenon, having sold one million books to date. The Trylle Trilogy is now being published in hard copy form by St Martin’s Press New York.

I have to qualify: if you are one of those people who wouldn’t touch Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight with a barge pole, please stay away from this book as it is very similar in genre and I’d have to say not as gripping in plot. But if you are a fan of Twilight, you may enjoy reading Switched too.

One more note on Switched’s similarity to Twilight –it seems that every boy Wendy comes across is GORGEOUS and a potential mate. The main character goes on and on about how attractive he is. There’s even a line in the book where she says she is thinking of setting up a life with the boy – she’s just met him! This may be a teenage thing, but there seem to be superflouous amounts of fluttering over how good looking a boy is and how unsure she is are of if they like her or not. Ok…fine… thinking back to my teenage hood, this was often pretty much the case, so maybe this is a true reflection of teenage hormones combined with lack of experience in such matters.

The book is funny at times and a very easy read. I kept reading because I wanted to know more about the changeling world, which was quite interestingly set up.

I questioned some of Wendy’s motivations – why wasn’t she thinking more of her family? As a reader, I was frustrated along with Wendy about how little she was being told, which is a good sign that I’m on her side.

I hope do first time writer Hocking will develop into a more sophisticated writer. Maybe we might even see this develop in the next two books of the Trylle Trilogy, just as we saw with Stephenie Meyer’s books. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to reading the following two books Torn and Ascend.



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