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Jun 02

An online bookstore with personal book reviews & book recommendations

Reading Like Rabbits

An online bookstore where you can buy cheap books online with free delivery worldwide through the Book Depository.

I love reading books. I am constantly searching for good new books and recommended books. Through Reading Like Rabbits, I’ve found a new way to buy cheap books online. I’ve discovered that books bought through my site are much cheaper than in the bookstores.

I was looking to buy the graphic novels Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman as a Christmas present. At Borders Bookshop, the set of 2 books cost US$42.50, through the Reading Like Rabbits Bookstore, it only cost me US$27. I was really surprised at the price difference from buying books online to buying them at physical book stores.

So I’m really happy to be offering these book reviews and book recommendations to you, coupled with a great bookshop to easily buy books online. I’ve never actually bought books from Amazon.com, because, living in Singapore, once I add in the delivery price, the book price soars, but with free delivery worldwide through books bought online through Reading Like Rabbits, it’s a no brainer!