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Jan 30



Part 1 of the Inheritance Cycle

by Christopher Paolini

Fiction / Fantasy / Teenage or Adult Fiction
First Published in 2002
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
New York Times Best Seller

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Book Synopsis:

A poor farm boy counts himself lucky when he stumbles upon a shiny blue stone. But little does Eragon realize that his find is actually a rare dragon’s egg. He has chanced upon a legacy as old as the Empire.

Eragon’s simple life is turned upside down as he is plunged into an unknown world of dragons, magic, destiny and power. Eragon has to leave all that is familiar and find his way through the Empire ruled by the evil king.

With the future of the empire resting in their hands, Eragon and his young dragon must step up to the challenge and the live up to the legend of the Dragon Riders.