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Jun 01

Stolen Lives – Twenty Years in a Desert Jail

Stolen Lives – Twenty Years in a Desert Jail

a memoir by Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi


Autobiography / Biography / Memoir / Non- Fiction
First Published in 1999
Publisher: Hyperion
Oprah’s Book Club Selection

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Book Cover Synopsis:

Malika Oufkir has led a split life. She spent her childhood days raised as a princess, but from the age of nineteen, she was imprisoned with her mother and siblings for the next 20 years.

Maika was General Oufkir’s eldest daughter. He was the closest aide of the King of Morocco, who adopted five-year-old Malika and brought her up as his daughter’s companion. Malika grew up in privilege and luxury, in the shelter of the court harem.

But on 16th August 1972, everything changed. General Oufkir was executed for attempting to assassinate the king. Malika, her mother, her five siblings, and two loyal friends were immediately arrested and imprisoned.


Nov 28


Freedom – The Story of My Second Life

a memoir by Malika Oufkir


Freedom CoverAutobiography
First Published in 2006
Publisher: Miramax Books
Set in: France, USA

Freedom is the sequel to Oufkir’s Autobiography Stolen Lives

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Book Cover Synopsis:

Stolen Lives, Malika Oufkir’s intensely moving account of her twenty years imprisoned in a desert jail in Morocco, was a surprise international bestseller.

In her highly anticipated follow-up, Malika reflects on the life she lived before and during incarceration and how dramatically the world had changed when she emerged. Malika was born into extreme privilege as the daughter of the king of Morocco’s closest aide, and she grew up in the palace as companion to the Moroccan princess. But in 1972, her life of luxury came to a crashing halt. Her family was locked away for two decades. After a remarkable escape, Malika and her family returned to the world they’d left behind, only to find it transformed.