Dec 31

The Book of Bunny Suicides

The Book of Bunny Suicides

by Andy Riley

Picture 1 Adult Picture Book / Gift
First Published in 2003
Publisher: Plume, The Penguin Group

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Book Synopsis:

Little fluffy rabbits who just don’t want to live any more. This adult picture book, and its sequel, Return of the Bunny Suicides, contains endless ways for a bunny to kill itself. From smoking out of every hole in its body, to flushing itself down an aeroplane toilet, to kicking an alien in the balls, this ridiculously funny book is a fountain of knowledge on rabbit self-killing.

Picture 2

Picture 3Book Review:

This is the sort of picture book I can pick up again and again (with a little time to forget in between) and marvel at the creativity of the bunnies (and the author – sick sick man) in designing their own deaths. These books which can come combined as A Box of Bunny Suicides would be a great present for a male or female friend with a sense of humour (a bit of advice: do not give this to a depressed friend with no sense of humour). My favourite bunny suicide is a bunny about to turn on the switch of hand mixer. The blades are placed inside its mouth. The idea of what the next moment may look like is gruesome yet oddly thrilling…oh dear…

Picture 3

x Julie

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1 comment!

  1. Camy says:

    Bunny Suicides are so funny! I like the one where the bunny is waiting in between a knife shop and a magnet shop. Also the Star Trek one. Bought it as a gift for a guy friend, he loved it!