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The Buddha’s Book of Daily Meditations

The Buddha’s Book of Daily Meditations

by Christopher Titmuss

(Author of Light on Enlightenment)

Picture 3 Spiritual / Non-Fiction / Quotes
First Published in 2001
Publisher: Random House

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Book Synopsis:

Buddha’s teachings are still profoundly relevant despite the fact that he lived 2500 years ago, because his teachings came from a down to earth wisdom.

This is a compilation of some of Buddha’s thoughts and advice put together by Christopher Titmuss, a meditation master who has been a Buddhist monk.

There is one quotation for every day of the year to guide and free those who reflect upon them from the conditioning of our minds, and so bring about change in different aspects of our lives – spiritual, social, personal and political.

Picture 3My Book Review:

I saw this book in a second hand bookstore and immediately thought of it as a christmas present for a friend of mine. There are some very wise and accessible quotes in this daily meditation book. They are usually 4 to 5 lines long and never longer than half a page (the book’s size is A5), and I love that there is one quote for every day of the year. One a day, easily digestible and your daily dose of spirituality! A mini-meditation to start your day!

I am not Buddhist, but do believe that Buddha’s teachings have a lot to offer.

Here are some quotes that connected with me:

January 17

“Dry up the remains of your past and have nothing for your future. If you do not cling to the present then you can go from place to place in peace.”

January 24

“Though all his life a fool associates himself with a wise person, he no more comprehends the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavour of the soup.”

There are some obvious quotes like:

February 13

“These five trades should not be taken up:

trading with weapons,

trading in living persons,

trading in meat,

trading in intoxicants,

trading in poison.”

I guess they are like the 10 Commandments. Obvious, but who knows, maybe a human trader would read this and suddenly realise he’s doing wrong? Useful…

Some of the quotes are a bit heavy for me, talking about nirvana, enlightenment, dharma and disciples. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to read them.

The little book is also beautifully put together with a painting of Buddhas on the cover and line drawings of a flower or a ships wheel on every page.

I’ll end with another quote I like:

March 2

“Rain soddens what is covered up,

It does not sodden what is open.

Therefore uncover what is covered

That the rain will not sodden it.”

x Julie

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