Dec 30

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters

by Elisabeth Robinson

(5/5) Picture 3Fiction
First Published in 2004
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
International Bestseller

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Book Synopsis:

This novel is told in the form of letters from Olivia Hunt to her sister with cancer, Michael her ex-boyfriend, her parents and her best friend. Along the way we find out about the progress or non-progress of Olivia’s feature film that she’s trying to get off the ground in Hollywood.

Through Olivia’s letters we track the progress of her year, and are privy to her thoughts, the varied way she communicates with people, her highs and lows and also just the plain usual things that happens day to day that find themselves into her letters. Simply yet powerfully told, this novel simultaneously funny and sad, tragic and heart warming.

Picture 3My Book Review:

This is why I started this site – to find and share books just like this one. I walked into a used book shop and bought this novel for $2. It did say ‘International Bestseller’, but I had never heard of it before. What a find! The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters is a simply written yet extremely engaging, funny and moving novel. It’s written in the form of letters by one of the sisters, Olivia Hunt. She writes to her friend, her sister, her ex-lover, and as she is a down and out Hollywood Producer, we also follow her correspondence in trying to get the movie Don Quixote made.

This book begins when Olivia finds out her sister, Maddie, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Through the letters Olivia writes, the reader gets to know the intricate workings of her family, Maddie’s weakening yet buoyant spirit and Olivia’s inner world – writing to her ex-lover possibly her soul mate, Michael, who won’t write back, as well as her Hollywood movie making exploits.

Finishing an amazing book is like having said good bye to an old friend. Bitter sweet. You miss their presence, you want them around again, but you know they’re gone and you just have the memories to savour. This is how I feel now about this book. Olivia’s voice is personal and rings true. If she were a real person I’d like to be her friend.

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters has sad content but is surprisingly uplifting throughout. Even while I was crying, with tears that were blocking my ability to continue reading, I was laughing.

x Julie

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  1. juliewee says:

    I want to read this book again!